Requirements are tasks that a participant must complete to meet or maintain a program. Only active requirements are assigned to a participant when the program term is generated. A Program cannot be activated unless it has at least one Requirement related to it.

Example: In order to obtain the MemberNation Certified Advanced Administrator certification, an applicant must score a 60% or higher on the Exam. 

How To Create a New Requirement from the Program Detail Page:

  1. From the Program record, scroll down to the Requirements related list and click the New button. 
    Note: The Requirement looks up to the Program record and will auto-populate the corresponding Program in the Requirement's record's Program field.

  2. From the New Requirement page, in the Information section, type a title for the Requirement in the Requirement Title field. 

  3. From the Information section, select a Requirement Type from the Requirement Type picklist (This list can be modified to meet specific business needs as desired). 

  4. From the Information section, type a Requirement start and end date in the corresponding Start Date and End Date fields. 
    Note: Only requirements with a Start Date of today's date or in the past AND an End Date in the future will be assigned as a Goal.

  5. From the Information Section, type a numeric value in the Display Order field. 
    Note: This field identifies the order of which Goals will be listed. 

  6. Optionally, type information as desired in the optional corresponding fields listed below:

    1. Maintenance (checkbox) - Identifies a requirement with the maintenance term. When unchecked, this requirement is considered for the candidate term.

    2. Published (checkbox) - Displays requirement on the Program Profile page. If unchecked, the requirement is visible in the staff view only.

    3. Navigation URL - Logic behind the Register button on the Program Profile page. When the button is clicked, redirects the program participant to designated location.

    4. Dependency - List the requirements - Requirement Name (auto-number)  that must be completed in order for the Register button for this requirement to be active.

    5. Description - Detailed text about requirement.

    6. Goal Button Label - Button label that will appear on this specific requirement/goal in the Community Portal.

  7. Click the Save button to create the Requirement record.