Program Types (Certification Type, Accreditation, Education, et al.) are used to organize multiple programs based on the organization’s mission and business needs. 

How To Create a Program Type:

  1. From the App Picker, select the Programs app.

  2. From the Programs page, click the Program Type tab.

  3. From the Program Type page, click the New button. 

  4. From the Program Type Edit page, in the Information section, type your Program Type Name in the Program Type Name field.

  5. From the Information section, type your Program Profile Page Title in the Program Profile Page Title field.
    Note: When the Program Type is included in the Program URL, the title displays at the top of the Program Profile page.

  6. From the Information section, type a number value in the Display Order field.
    Note: This value determines the hierarchy of the program types as they are displayed on the Program Profile page.

  7. Optionally, if the newly created Program Type looks up to a Parent Program Type, in the Information section next to the Parent Program Type field, click the Lookup Button

    1. In the Lookup window, select the Parent Program Type that the Program Type will be associated with.

  8. From the Instructions section, type any desired instructions in the Program Profile Instructions field.

  9. Click the Save button.