Each Program participant will have a unique persona aka Program Profile, for each Program. This record will be used to track the Account or Contact's progress in the associated Program.

How to Create a New Program Profile from the Program Detail Page:

  1. From the Program record, scroll down to the Program Profiles related list and click the New button. 
    Note: The Program Profile looks up to the Program record and will auto-populate the corresponding Program in the Program Profile record's Program field.

  2. From the New Program Profile page, in the Information section next to the Contact (or Account) field, click the Lookup Button
    Note: If the Program Entity is Contact, you will only need to fill out the Contact field. However, if the Program Entity is Account, both the Account and Contact fields will be required. 

    1. In the Lookup window, select the Contact and/or Account that the Program Profile will be associated with.

  3. Optionally, check the Create Candidacy Term or Create Maintenance Term checkbox to create a Program Term upon saving this Program Profile. 
    Note: You CANNOT check both the Create Candidacy Terms and Create Maintenance Term checkboxes on one Program Profile. 

  4. Click the Save button to create the Program Profile record.