In order to quickly reference the front end view/status of your Program Profile and corresponding Profile Goals, you will need to add a formula field to your Program Type object. By following the steps below, all Program Type records will automatically populate a Program Type URL

  1. Click on the Setup hyperlink in the top right corner of your screen. 

  2. From the Setup page, type "Objects" in the Quick Find/Search bar in the left side panel. 

  3. From the left side panel, underneath the Quick Find/Search Bar, click on Build>Create> Objects.

  4. From the Custom Objects page, click on Program Type.

  5. From the Program Type page, scroll down to the Custom Fields and Relationships section, and click the New button. 

  6. From the New Custom Field page - Step 1, select Formula and click the Next button. 

  7. From the New Custom Field page - Step 2, type a Field Name and Field Label in the corresponding fields. 

  8. From the New Custom Field page - Step 2, select Text and click the Next button. 

  9. From the New Custom Field page - Step 3, click the Advanced Formula tab. 

  10. In the Advanced Formula text box, paste in the following: 'https://YourSiteURL/ProgramApi__Programs?programtype='+ Name+'&site=SiteID'.
    Note: The YourSiteURL and SiteID must be replaced with the domain for your community's Site and the Site's Salesforce ID.  Visit the correct Site record to retrieve this information.  The Site ID is in the URL of the Site record.
    Note: The single quotations around the URL are required for the Syntax to be approved.  

  11. From the Advanced Formula tab, click the Check Syntax button. If there are no Syntax errors, click the Next button. 

  12. From the New Custom Field page - Step 4, check the Visible checkbox, to make visible to all Profiles. Click the Next button. 

  13. From the New Custom Field page - Step 5, click the Save button. 

You have now created a formula field that will automatically populate a URL to allow you to quickly access users to access the status of their Program Profile in the Community Portal.