Programs are set up and administered by the designated staff user(s) in a given business area, when applicable. A Program is the desired certification or accreditation that a user is attempting to attain. 

In order for a Program to be saved as Active, there must be one Non-Maintenance related Requirement created. Until a Requirement record exists, the Is Active checkbox will not save as checked.

Example: MemberNation has a MemberNation Administrator track (Program Type), and within the MemberNation Administrator track there are 2 types of certifications a User can obtain; the MemberNation Certified Administrator (Program 1) and the MemberNation Certified Advanced Administrator (Program 2).

How To Create a Program from the Program Type Detail page:

  1. From the Program Type record, scroll down to the Programs related list and click the New button. 
    Note: The Program looks up to the Program Type record and will auto-populate the corresponding Program Type in the Program record's Program Type field.

  2. From the New Program page, in the Information section, select your Program Entity (Account or Contact) in the Entity field. 
    Note: The Program Entity identifies the participant's record type, and cannot be changed once it has been created.

  3. From the Information section, in the Program Name field type a Program Name.

  4. Optionally, type information as desired in the optional corresponding fields listed below:

    1. Display Name - The Program's full or formal name that displays on the Program Profile page.

    2. Start and End Dates - Optional dates used to define the lifecycle of the program

    3. Active (checkbox) - When checked, activates the Program; dependent on the existence of at least one requirement.

    4. Designation - Acronym awarded for successfully completing the program.

    5. Description - Definition or explanation of program.

    6. Requirement Field Set - Captures the API name associated with the Requirement object. Determines which fields display to the program participant; default (Default Requirement Field Set) auto-populates on Save.

    7. Progress Bar (checkbox) - When checked, progress bar displays Program section of Program Profile page. Percentage of completed requirements is calculated based on the number completed goals over the total number of goals.

    8. Candidate and Maintenance Terms - Captures the duration (months) that a participant has to complete all of the goals associated with a Program Term.

    9. Lifetime Term - Identifies programs that have been successfully completed but neither expire nor need to be maintained.

  5. Click the Save button to create the Program record.