The Fonteva Payments Home Page is a dashboard that provides an at-a-glance overview of your transactions data.



1. Charges

A report of all charge transactions on your Fonteva Payments connected account. The Charges and Refunds tabs enable you to quickly filter by charge type.

2. Disputes

A graph of all disputes pending evidence submission.

3. Amount

A graph representing the amount and date of each payout to your connected account.

4. Today’s Tasks

A list of tasks associated with your transaction records.

5. Recent Items

A list of recently viewed transaction records.

Related Documentation

  • Charges Object. Review Charge records, with easy access to the related Payout and ePayment records.

  • Disputes Object. Review Dispute records, with easy access to the related Charge records.

  • Payouts Object. Review Payout records, with system id and deposit amounts.

  • Reports Object. Review transactions using custom and pre-configured reports.

  • Dashboards Object. Create custom dashboards to review key metrics.

  • Fonteva Payments App. An overview of our transactions portal where you can easily track all aspects of your organization’s sales.