1. Mandate Failures

    • GoCardless notifies (by email) both the customer and the organisation when a mandate fails. Staff can then take appropriate action.

    • In MemberNation, the Payment Method is immediately updated without being valid. Staff can create reports or list views to get visibility of the recently failed Payment Methods.

  2. Payment Failures

    • Payment Failures are automatically written to ePayments and Scheduled Payments as soon as they are known to GoCardless.

    • This article gives more detail about failure reasons.

    • There are several reasons why payments fail. GoCardless provides these reasons on the ePayment in English as opposed to an ARUDD Code. Below are the most common reasons why payments fail: 

      • Every organization handles payment failures differently depending on their processes. It is possible for organizations to automate payment failure emails based on the change of status in the EPayment.Message field. However, membership associations normally will need to take a manual approach to correcting payment schedules based around member's specific needs. Therefore, there is no fixed way of doing this.

      • An automated email will go out from GoCardless to the customer each time a payment fails

      • Retries - Staff can retry the payment inGoCardless up to 3 times by [checking] the Retry Payment in GoCardlesscheckbox on the ePayment.


Bacs reason

More details


Instruction cancelled

You tried to collect payment against a cancelled DDI.


Payer deceased

Your customer's DDI will also have been cancelled.


Account transferred

Your customer's DDI has been transferred to a new bank account, and you submitted payment to the old account.


No account (OR wrong account type)

The paying bank didn't recognise the account number you submitted. It's likely that no DDI is set up.


No instruction

Your customer doesn't have a DDI set up with you. In rare cases, this may be due to a small bank requiring additional time to set up a Direct Debit.


Account closed

Your customer's DDI has been cancelled as they've closed their bank account.