Group Ticket Types define the number of Attendees per Group. Examples of Group Ticket Types include Reception Tables or Family Events.

Configure Group Registration Ticket Types

  1. In Event Builder, from the left-side navigation, select the Tickets tab.

  2. Click + New Ticket Type. The Create Ticket Type modal will open.
  3. Check Is Published and Is Active to allow this Ticket Type to be available for purchase when the event is in Registration Open status.
  4. In the Ticket Name text box, enter Ticket Name.
  5. In the Ticket Price text box, enter Ticket Price.
  6. Scroll down and check Is Group Ticket Type.
  7. In the Group Type text box, enter Group Type (Ex. Table)
  8. Enter the maximum number of Attendees Per Group.

  9. Complete any other information for your Ticket Type and click Save and Continue.

How to Purchase a Group Ticket within Rapid Order Entry (ROE)

Currently Rapid Order Entry (ROE) does not support entering in the Attendee names for the seats included with a Group Ticket Type purchase. The Attendee records will need to be added manually and registration records created for each Attendee will also need to be done manually. The process to complete this are included in the instructions below. 

Alternative Method

If the Contact you are trying to purchase a Group Ticket for via ROE has credentials to the Community Portal, an alternative and better method to using ROE is to log in to the Community Portal as the user and purchase the Group Ticket via the event.

When completing these steps, navigate to the desired Event and make note of the number of Registered Attendees and the Tickets Sold fields.
  1. Navigate to the desired Contact record who you will be purchasing the Group Ticket for using Rapid Order Entry.
  2. From the Contact’s record, scroll down to the Sales Orders related list, and click the Rapid Order Entry button. This will open the Rapid Order Entry window.
  3. Click in the Item Quick Add field and search & select the desired Group Ticket Type for the event, then click the Add to Order button.


    You might need to navigate to the event to find the name of the Group Ticket to search for it in ROE.

  4. Verify the Process Payment option is selected and click Go. This will open the Process Payment screen.
  5. Enter the payment information.
  6. Click Process Payment. This will open the newly created and posted Sales Order record.
  7. From the Sales Order page, copy the Sales Order number for use later.

  8. Navigate to the Sales Order Lines related list under Related and copy the Sales Order Line ID # and the Price Rule listed for use later.

  9. Navigate to the Event Registrations related list and click the Attendee ID # Link for the Attendee listed. 


    This should be the same name as the Contact who you purchased this Group Ticket for in ROE.

  10. From the Attendee Detail page, in the Registration section, next to the Registration Group field, click the link of the Registration Group listed. This will open the Registration Group page.


    This Registration Group is automatically created for Group Ticket types to group all the Attendees that will be assigned to the seats for this ticket. However, when purchasing a Group Ticket via ROE, the event is not automatically populated. The purchaser of the Group ticket won’t be able to see the Attendees associated with this ticket when on their Manage Registration page. Before adding the Attendees to this Group Ticket, we will add the event to the Registration Group in the next step.

  11. Click the Edit button. The Edit Registration Group window will open.

  12. In the Event field, search & select the event associated with the Group Ticket purchased in ROE.
  13. Next in the Account field, search & select the Account associated with the Contact who purchased the Group Ticket in ROE.

  14. Click Save.
  15. From the Registration Group Detail page, for the Group Name field, copy down the Group Name listed for use later.
  16. In the Attendees related list under Related, click New. The New Attendee window will open.

  17. In the Registrant section, enter the Full Name and Email into the corresponding fields for the new Attendee.


    If you have not been informed of the additional individual’s name, enter approved text.  For example, Julie Smith’s Guest


    If you do not have an email address for the Attendee, enter the original Registrant’s email (This is the person who purchased the Group Ticket).

  18. Optionally, select Registered in the Status field to mark the Attendee as registered vs. invited.
  19. In the Registration section, in the Event field, search & select the event associated with the Group Ticket purchased in ROE.
  20. In the Ticket Type field, search & select the Group Ticket purchased in ROE.

  21. In the Registration Group field, search & select the Registration Group noted earlier.


    By default, the name of the Registration Group created in ROE is Group Reg. You can differentiate between the Group Reg’s listed by looking at the Event, Account, and Primary Contact listed to find the correct one for the Group Ticket purchased in ROE.

  22. In the Registration Date field, click the Date link to populate the current date into the field.
  23. In the Source section, for the Contact and Account fields, click the corresponding Lookup buttons to search & select the Contact and Account associated with the Attendee you are adding.


    The recommended practice if the Contact does not exist for the Attendee you are adding, is to:

    • Create a new contact one. See our Creating Contacts page for more information.
    • If you have not been informed of the additional individual (i.e. You do not know their name yet), search & select the Registrant’s Contact record (This is the Contact used when processing the Group Ticket purchase in ROE).
  24. If you selected a Contact, search & select theAccount aligned with the Contact identified.
  25. Verify the Sales Order (Source) field is already pre-populated with the Sales Order Number noted earlier.
  26. In the Sales Order Line (Source) field, search & select the Sales Order Line number noted earlier.
  27. Click Save.
  28. From the newly created Attendee record, copy the Attendee ID #.

  29. Repeat these steps until there is an Attendee record for each of the seats in the Group Ticket


    Make sure you write down the Attendee ID for each Attendee created. This will be used to register each new Attendee added in the following steps.

  30. Return to the Sales Order record for the Group Ticket.


    This can be done by using the Global Search to search for the Sales Order number or from the newly created Attendee Record click the link in the Sales Order (Source) field.

  31. From the Sales Order record, scroll down to the Event Registrations related list. You should see all the Attendee records you just created.


    If you don’t see all the attendees you might not have connected the Sales Order (Source) field or Sales Order Lines field correctly.

Create Registration Records for New Attendees

The next step in the process is to create Registration records for each of the Attendees you just added to the Group Ticket. Creating the Registration records is necessary to ensure the Event has the correct Number of Registered Attendees listed.

  1. From the Registration Items related list, click the New Registration Item button.
  2. From the New Registration Item page, in the Information section, in the Attendee field, enter the Attendee ID # you’d like to register. 


    This is the Attendee ID you wrote down earlier. Complete the following steps for each Attendee you created an Attendee record for earlier in the process.

  3. Next to the Ticket Type field, search & select the Group Ticket purchased in ROE.
  4. Optionally, for the Status field, select Registered from the picklist.
  5. In the Purchase Details section, next to the Item field, search & select the Group Ticket purchased in ROE.


    If you see a List Price field, do not populate it. This will be updated when the record is saved.

  6. In the Sale Price field, enter the price associated with the identified Price Rule.


    This is the price paid for the ticket during the ROE purchase.

  7. [Verify] the Sales Order (Source) field pre-populated the Sales Order # noted earlier.
  8. In the Price Rule field, search & select the Price Rule associated with the Ticket/Item purchased/identified in the Sales Order Line.


    This is the Price Rule you wrote down earlier. Typically, the default Price Rule name is “Default”. You can differentiate between the “Default” Price Rules listed by looking at the Item column for the Group Ticket name and the Price column for the price of the Group Ticket.

  9. In the Total field, enter the price associated with the identified Price Rule.


    This is the price paid for the ticket during the ROE purchase. It should match what you entered into the Sales Price field. 

  10. In the Sales Order Line (Source) field, [Search & Select] the Sales Order Line # you wrote down earlier.


    This is the Sales Order Line number associated with the Ticket/Item purchased/identified in the Sales Order Line.

  11. Click Save.

Repeat these steps until there is a Registration Item for each Attendee record you created.

Once these steps are completed you should see that the Number of Registered Attendees on the event has increased by the number of Attendee records created. The Event count for the Tickets Sold has only increased by one due to the purchase of the single Group Ticket. Also, the Attendee (if connected to a Contact in the system and if they have portal access) will be able to see the Manage Registration tab on the event in the portal. If you correctly followed the steps for the Registration Group, the purchaser of the Group Ticket should see all the Attendee’s you added to the ticket.