The Form Builder allows staff users to create customized, multipage forms featuring interview questions, sponsors, vendors, venues, etc., on a website or member portal.

Form Builder User Scenarios

  • Whenever someone registers for a conference, the organization needs to find out what size t-shirt they want, if they have any dietary restrictions, and if they have a disability that requires special accommodation.

  • After the conference, the organization sends a survey to participants to get their feedback.

  • When someone applies for membership, they are asked to supply background information so the organization can determine if they are qualified to join.

  • A community group wants to know more about its members—why they joined the group, what they hope to get out of it, and what their interests are.

  • The event organizers would like to open their conference to submissions from the community. Submitters must include the talk title and abstract, upload a copy of their slides, and provide links to audio or video of their previous speaker engagements.