Fonteva Payments is a complete payments processing platform that enables organizations to securely accept and process payments for products and services. Powered by Stripe, our payment gateway and processor extends Fonteva’s accounting functionality to provide end-to-end transaction management and advanced financial reporting directly from your Salesforce org.


  • Licensing. Fonteva Payments is a licensed add-on available for purchase. Contact the Customer Success team for more information.

  • Fonteva 21Winter Release. Fonteva Payments can be installed in orgs running release 21Winter and higher.

  • Lightning Communities. The Lightning digital experience is required in communities using Fonteva Payments gateways.


Payments are typically managed by finance staff. Any staff with edit access to the Charges, Payouts, and Disputes objects can use Fonteva Payments to manage transactions.

Use Cases

Fonteva Payments may be used to:

  • Implement a new gateway for processing payments directly in Fonteva.

  • Upgrade from a legacy payment gateway to take advantage of best-in-class security and transaction features.

  • Better manage high volume sales and reconciliation processes.

  • Gain data-driven, actionable insights using fully integrated Fonteva membership, event, and payment datasets.

Key Benefits

Reduced administrative complexity. Centralizing payments and member data in one product can help streamline day-to-day operations.

Improved reporting. Enhanced payments reporting increases transaction data transparency.

Customer support. Fonteva specialists provide a single source of support for membership, events, and payments.

Key Features

Fonteva Payments app. This transactions portal makes it easy to manage all payment processes within Fonteva, reducing potential calculation errors and simplifying reconciliation.

Single sign-on (SSO). With transaction data available in Fonteva, there’s no need to login to multiple disconnected systems to manage charges, refunds, payouts, and disputes.

Stripe infrastructure. Built on the popular Stripe payments platform, Fonteva Payments enables you to take advantage of Stripe’s strong PCI compliance standards.

Security. Enhanced Stripe security tools, vulnerability testing, and activity monitoring provide strong fraud protection.

Card updater. Customer credit card information is automatically updated when a new card is issued.


Details about how Fonteva Payments manages sales transaction funds are available on the following pages.

  • Charges. Learn how funds flow from the customer to your Fonteva Payments account.

  • Disputes. Learn how dispute transactions are processed in Fonteva Payments.

  • Payouts. Learn how and when transaction funds are moved to your merchant bank account.

  • Fonteva Payments app. Learn about our transactions portal and the new objects and records used to manage payments.

  • Glossary. Understand the terminology associated with Fonteva Payments and other eCommerce features.

Unsupported Features

Fonteva Payments currently does not support the following features:

  • The PayPal payment method.

  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments, also called “direct payments.”

  • The 3D Secure security protocol.