Fonteva Mobile is a utility that syncs data from Fonteva Events to Guidebook for interactive mobile application with events. This enables your organization to utilize Guidebooks to support your events with ease.

Note: These instructions are specific to the licensed version of Fonteva Mobile. If you are using a beta, trial, or free accelerator version, this information may not apply to you.


Fonteva release 21Winter or higher is required to install the current version of Fonteva Mobile.

Important: Fonteva Mobile versions 3.4 and lower have reached end-of-maintenance and will no longer be patched. Submit a case with the Fonteva Support team for upgrade instructions.

Fonteva Mobile Package Install

Fonteva Mobile is installed through a Managed Package. You will receive a link to install this package. [Click] the provided link to navigate to the install page. You may need to log in to your Salesforce org first.

  1. On the package install page, [Select] Install for All Users.

  2. [Check] the box acknowledging you are installing a non-Salesforce Application.

  3. [Click] Install to install the package.

You will receive an email when the installation is complete. The Fonteva Mobile package will show up on the Installed Packages page.

The Guidebook Lightning Action will be available to add to your Events page layout after install. Add the action to your Events page layout. You will need System Admin permissions to modify a page layout. Information on modifying page layouts is available here.

Post-Install: Assign Admin

The Fonteva Mobile package enables you to sync your Fonteva Events with Guidebook. Once installed, a Guidebook organization will be created based on your org’s ID and name. All of your guides will exist there.

A Guidebook quick action will exist in your Event records after adding it to the Events page layout. Navigate to the record page for an event you want to sync to the Guidebook and [Click] the Guidebook quick action.

The first time you do this post-install, a modal window will open labeled Create Admin for Organization.

This modal will only appear for the first user who tries to sync an event in your org.

[Enter] your First and Last Name and your Email Address, and [Click] Invite. You’ll receive an email at the provided address with a link to .

[Click] the link in your email to access the Sign In page for Guidebook.

[Click] Sign up to create a new account on Guidebook. The Builder home screen will open, and any existing Guides will list there.

If you already have an existing Guidebook account, log in with those credentials instead of creating a new account.

Sync Event

Navigate back to the event record you want to sync to Guidebook. [Click] the Guidebook quick action again.

A modal will open listing all the current Guides not synced with the current event.

Your event must have content in the Event Overview field in order to sync. Otherwise, you will receive an error and be unable to sync successfully.

[Click] the New Guide button. This will generate a new Guide in Guidebook and sync it automatically with the event.

To confirm the event synced, return to your Guidebook account. The new Guide will list on the Builder home screen under Build New Guides.

From here, [Click] your new Guide to begin working on it.

You can continue to edit and make changes to your event after it is synced. Anything you modify for a synced event, such as adding a new Speaker or changing the existing venue, will sync to the Guidebook automatically when saved in the Event Builder.

Follow the directions available in the Lightning Guide for information on creating and modifying events.

A complete list of the Event fields that are synced to Guidebook and the Guidebook fields they apply to is available on the Guidebook Mapping page so you can prepare events you want to sync ahead of time.

Bi-Directional Syncing: Registration Items

Registration Items can be synced from both the event record in your Salesforce org and from Guidebook. This is called bi-directional syncing.

Sync Registration Item to Guidebook

Any Registration Item you create and save for an event that is synced with Guidebook will automatically create a record in Guidebook when it’s saved.

Create a Registration Item from a registered Attendee record for an event synced with Guidebook and save it. This new Registration Item record will be synced with Guidebook upon clicking the Save button.

Create Schedule Job

To create a Registration Item in Guidebook and sync it from Guidebook to your Fonteva org, you’ll need to first schedule a job with the following name:

  • Schedule Job Name: ScheduleForRegistrationItem.

Information on creating Scheduled Jobs is available here.

Sync Registration Item from Guidebook to Salesforce

You’ll create the Registration Item from your synced event in Guidebook under Audience Management > Preset Schedules. All Registration Items will display there.

Create your Registration Item under Preset Schedules and then run the ScheduleForRegistrationItem batch job. The item record will sync from Guidebook to your org’s associated Attendee record.