Event Ticket Types have the option to Enable Waitlisting. This will mean that if the Ticket Type has reached its capacity, an event registrant will have the option to add themselves to the waitlist. When a ticket becomes available, a staff user must manually register a person on the waitlist from the backend. When a person is added to the waitlist, no money has been collected. This will be done when processing the waitlisted person's registration. There is also no rule as to which waitlisted records can be removed/registered first, so this can be determined by each organization's standard operating procedures.


In order to register a person on an event waitlist, the below settings must apply:

  • The event Ticket Type has Enable Waitlisting applied.
  • The Ticket Type Capacity has been reached.
  • 1 or more waitlist records have been created.


Other information to consider when using waitlisting:

  • When a Contact has been added to a waitlist, no money has been collected.
  • The system does not have any rules or validations as to which waitlisted records can be removed or registered first. The process is manual and leaves the decision up to the staff user to determine the order to take registrants off the waitlist.
  • If you have a waitlist record related to a Ticket Type, additional tickets cannot be purchased from the Community Portal (regardless of any increased in capacity) until the existing waitlist record(s) have a status of Registered (recommended) or are deleted (not recommended).

How to Register a Person on an Event Waitlist


It is considered best practice to get the payment information from the waitlisted person before starting this process. This way you have the payment information needed to register the person and they still want to attend the event.

  1. From the Events tab, search & select an Existing Event.
  2. Navigate to the Waitlist related list under Related.

  3. Click the Waitlist Entry ID link next to the desired Waitlist entry. The Waitlist Entry record page will open.
  4. In the Contact field, click the Contact link. This will open the Contact's record where you can access Rapid Order Entry.


    It is recommended to open the Contact in a new tab, as we will be returning to the Waitlist entry once the registration has been processed.

  5. From the Contact's page, navigate to the Sales Order related list.
  6. From the Sales Order related list, click the Rapid Order Entry button. This will open the Rapid Order Entry page.
  7. From the Rapid Order Entry page, in the Item Quick Add field, search & select the Event's Ticket Type the Contact wants to purchase.
  8. Once the Ticket Type is selected, click the Add to Order button.
  9. Next to the Process Payment field, click Go to process the payment.
  10. From the Process Payment page, enter the Contact's payment information and when completed, click Process Payment button.
  11. After the payment has processed, return to the Contact's Waitlist record. This is the Waitlist Entry accessed in the earlier in this process.
  12. From the Waitlist Entry Detail page, next to the Contact field, click Edit
  13. In the Information section, in the Status picklist, select Registered.
  14. Click Save.
  15. The Waitlisted record will now display as registered and the Contact will be added to the Attendee related list.