For Multi-Currency enabled orgs: You will be unable to change currency while in Event Registration. Please exit Event Registration to change your currency.

If you change your currency while items or tickets are in your Shopping Cart, you will receive a warning that your cart will be emptied. If you confirm the change, your currency will change and your cart will be emptied. You will have to register for your event again.

After configuring your tickets in the Event Registration Component, you will enter the Registration Flow. Depending on how the event has been configured, you will land on one of the following steps to configure an Agenda, select any Recommended Items, or complete checkout.

In order for browsers to increase security, they have become more strict on what actions are permitted when a user is detected leaving a page. This prevents providing a custom message or performing an asynchronous action when the user leaves the page. It also means Fonteva can no longer delete Sales Orders when a user navigates away from the page. Fonteva continues to look into ways to replace or replicate this functionality, but in the meantime customers will see “abandoned” Sales Orders in their orgs.

Progress Bar

The Progress Bar displays at the top of the page during Event Registration Flow. It will highlight which step in registration you're currently on and check the ones you've already completed. You can click a completed step in the Progress Bar to navigate back to it if you want to make changes.

Agenda Screen

An Attendees picklist will display with all of the registering attendees available to select. Click the Attendees picklist and select an attendee to create an Agenda.


If there is only one attendee registering, the Attendees picklist will not be available.


The Add All button is not available when registering multiple attendees at once. Selecting an attendee from the Attendees picklist will enable the Add All button.

Search and Filter Sessions:

You can search and filter for specific sessions using the Search and Filter Sessions feature. Sessions will display in chronological order. If multiple Sessions occur at the same time, they will display in alphabetical order.

To search and filter through sessions:

  1. Enter text in the Schedule Item Search field to search for sessions via their Display Name.

  2. Click Show Session Filters to open the Session Filters dropdown section.

  3. Click the Sort By field and select Date&Time or Alpha to sort sessions by date and time or alphabetical order.

  4. Click any of the filter fields and select from the items available on the filter picklists. Sessions will filter below based on your selected criteria. You can filter by Speaker, Track, and Day.

Each Filter field will display the number of filters currently selected. By default, no filters are selected.

If you want to hide the Session Filters, click Hide Session Filters, and the filters will disappear. Any filters or sorting options you have applied will remain in place.

Add Sessions

To add a session to the attendee, click the Add button for the desired session.

If a form is attached to a session, a Session Forms modal will open for the registering user to fill out the form. The attendee’s name displays at the head of the window.


If Create Contacts for Attendees and Contact Restriction are enabled for the event and the Field Group on the form is the Attendee's Contact record, then the form will map to the Contact record if the form has been configured to map to the Contact. The Attendee's Contact details will automatically populate field values in the form with Contact information from the Sales Order Line record. Upon saving the form, the Attendee's Contact record will be updated with the form field responses.

After filling out the form, click Add to Order to add the session to the order.

Add All Sessions

To quickly add all currently displayed sessions to the selected attendee, click Add All. All currently displayed sessions will get added to the attendee’s registration.


If you click Add All and there are sessions with overlapping or conflicting schedules, you will receive a message instructing you to add these individually.

Click Continue on the Agenda Screen under the Order Summary to move forward through registration.

Recommended Items Screen

If there are optional Recommended Items attached to a ticket type or a session, users will have the opportunity to purchase these items after setting up an Agenda.

You can select an attendee to add recommended items to. Click the Select Attendee picklist and select an attendee.


Switching to an attendee with a different ticket type may result in different Package Items displaying. This is because different Package Items may be attached to different ticket types, resulting in different items being available.


If an attendee’s ticket type has no package items, the attendee will not show up in the Select Attendee picklist.

Add Recommended Items

You can select different items to purchase for themselves or other attendees. You can scroll through the available items using the arrow buttons on each side of the row of items. To add an item to the order:

  1. Click Add to Order to add an item to the order. A window will open displaying the item’s description and selection fields.

  2. Different types of items will have different selection fields to adjust.

    1. Merchandise items include Quantity selection. Select a quantity to purchase.

    2. Membership items include Subscription Plan selection and an Auto Renew option. Select a Subscription Plan and check Auto Renew if desired.

    3. Donations include a Donation Amount field. Enter an amount in the Donation Amount field.

  3. Click Add to Order to add the item to the attendee’s order as designated.

    1. Click Cancel to cancel adding the item and return to the item listings.

  4. The item will display in the Order Summary field on the right side of the registration window. Users can edit or delete their item orders from there.

  5. Click Continue to navigate to the Process Payment Screen.

Order Summary

The Order Summary component remains in constant view throughout registration. The Order Summary component displays all items in the order and are grouped by attendee. The registering user can edit and delete items in the order.

To delete an order item:

  1. Click the X beside the item to delete.

  2. A deletion confirmation window will open. Click Yes to confirm deletion, and the item will be deleted from the order.

Order items with attendee assignment, forms, or an editable quantity or options will have the Edit button available. To edit an order item:

  1. Click the Edit button for an order item. A window will open displaying the previously filled out forms, attendee information, or item information.

  2. Modify the information in the window as needed.

  3. Click Save to save the edits.

Process Payment

When the user has finished with the Agenda or Recommended Items Screen, they will checkout on the Process Payment Screen.

Shipping/Tax Address


When checking out as a guest, addresses will not automatically be suggested at checkout. The address entered will be added to the Contact's Known Addresses unless it is a duplicate.

Select a Shipping/Tax Address from those available. The user also has the option to create a new Shipping Address or edit an existing one. They will follow the same steps as creating or editing a Known Address.

Payment Information and Billing Address

After entering a Shipping/Tax Address, the Choose a Payment Method section will become available. Select a payment method from those available and enter any required payment information.

If a Billing Address is a required part of the selected Payment Method (as in the case with a credit card) the user will select an existing Billing Address or create a new one. They'll follow the same steps for creating or editing a Billing Address as used in the Payment Methods menu item.

Discount Code

If there is a discount code, the registering user can enter it into the Discount field in the Order Summary component.


If the Total for the order is $0, the Discount Code field will not be available.

Click Process Payment to complete the order. A notification will confirm the payment has successfully processed and provide a link to view the receipt.