Lightning Registration takes part on a separate site from your Shopping Cart on your Community Site. Because they are two separate sites and Lightning Registration has its own streamlined registration process, Lightning Event Registration will always generate its own separate Sales Order.

Featured Events will display in a banner image at the top of the Event Listing page in the Featured Events Carousel. [Click] the arrows to scroll through the featured events.Featured Events Carousel:

Event Views:

There are four different views you can view your events through on the Event Listings page: Large Tile View, Small Tile View, List View, and Geo-location View. The mobile device view only includes the Large Tile view and the Geo-location view.

[Click] the Small Tile View icon (

) to view events listings in the Small Tile View. Six events will display per row and eighteen events will display per page.[Click] the Large Tile View icon (
) to view events listings in the Large Tile View. Four events will display per row and twelve events will display per page.

[Click] the List View icon (

) to view events in the List View. Ten events will display per page, and pagination will display if there are more than ten events listing.

[Click] the Geo-location View icon (

) to view events in the Geo-location View. A map view will open and events with a primary venue enabled will display. The displayed events will list in a menu on the left-hand side of the map in sets of ten you can page through.

Only events with a Primary Venue enabled with a legitimate address will display in the Geo-location View. Secondary venues will not display.

Radius Filter:Event Listings Filters:

The Radius Filter is included by default on the Event Listings page for the Geo Location View. This filter allows portal users to filter for events based on a geographic radius if the user shares their location.

  1. Under Radius Filter, [Click] the + button to open the filter. 

  2. [Click] the picklist and [Select] a radius value from those available.