Event Categories serve as a way to group Events for easy organization. This allows you to group your events in one easy-to-reach place. Additionally, Event Categories define the Sites on which Events are published.

How to Create an Event Category

  1. Navigate to the Event Categories tab.
  2. Click + New Event Category button to open the Create Event Category page.

  3. In the Event Category Name field, enter the Event Category Name.
  4. Click the Business Group field.
    1. Enter the name of an existing Business Group. This will initiate a search and display available Business Groups to select.
    2. From the search results, select the desired Business Group from the list.


      Events can be added to the Event Category regardless of Business Group. Defining the Business Group on the Event Category is only used for the purposes of configuring Business Group-based Sharing Rules.

  5. Click the Sites field;
    1. Enter the name of an existing Site. This will initiate a search and display available Sites to select.
    2. From the search results, select the desired Site from the list.
    3. Click Add Site button.
    4. Repeat these steps to add any additional Sites.


      Events will publish on all Sites associated with the Event Category.

  6. In the Selected Site section, in the Default column, check the radio button next to the Site you want as your default Site. 


    Although the Event will publish and can be previewed on all Sites, there can only be one Default Site which will be the first Site to be previewed.

  7. Click the Save and Close button. Your new Event Category will show up on the Event Categories page and will be available to select when Creating an Event.