To enable your Items for checkout using Direct Debit, you will need to update the following records:

On the Item or Item Class, select Is Direct Debit Enabled, then click Save so that the item can be purchased using a Direct Debit Checkout process. You can select an Item without needing the Item Class to be Direct Debit enabled. The above applies to regular ItemsFundraising items, and Event Ticket Items. For Subscription Items there is some additional setup required for Auto Renewals.

Only customers with active United Kingdom bank accounts can use Direct Debit as an accepted payment method.

In order for Subscriptions to be automatically renewed via Direct Debit, they must be configured to work with Invoice and AutoRenew Options.

  1. Subscription Plan Setup - Set up the following fields:

    1. Type - Termed or Calendar.

    2. Invoice Days Variable- This should be set to 15-30 days for Direct Debit subscriptions, so that if you need to make any changes, these can be made before the payment is sent to the bank for collection. This will also be the day that the system processes the auto renewal for Direct Debits by creating a sales order set to the pricing in place at that time and the day that all scheduled payments are generated for the next period.

    3. Auto Renew Option - Required for Direct Debits to Auto Renew

    4. Require Payment Method - Checked

    5. Installment Schedule Options

      1. Enable Schedule - Checked

      2. Schedule Type - Automatic Payment

      3. Bill Cycle - Auto

      4. Schedule Frequency - This will normally be annually, quarterly, or monthly depending on the instalment schedule you want.

  2. Deferred Revenue Setup - There are some limitations for Subscriptions that must track deferred revenue.

    1. To be able to track deferred revenue for Direct Debit subscriptions, you must schedule payments upon renewal of a term. For example:

      1. To give an option of monthly payments, you must set the term to a one month term subscription plan.

      2. Type - Termed

      3. Term - 1

      4. Schedule Frequency - Monthly

    2. Quarterly payments would need a three month term subscription plan.

      1. Type - Termed

      2. Term - 3

      3. Schedule Frequency - Quarterly

    3. Annual payments will need a twelve month term subscription plan.

      1. Type -  Termed

      2. Term -  12

      3. Schedule Frequency - Annually

    4. Note: Any deviation from these listed configurations will generate in incorrect deferred revenue transactions. Calendar subscriptions with deferred revenue are not supported.

  3. AutoRenew Scripts 

    1. Ensure the following scripts are scheduled to run.

    2. Fonteva Framework > Apps > Fonteva Direct Debit - Create Payments.

    3. Fonteva Framework > Apps > Charge Autorenew scripts (Highlighted). These scripts need to be scheduled to run on a nightly basis. Verify that the scripts are scheduled by going to Scheduled Jobs in Setup and ensuring there is a job called Direct Debit Scheduler set up. If you are using Auto Renewal, your Auto Renewal scripts will appear and these should be scheduled to run before your Direct Debit scripts.

    4. Schedule your Direct Debit Script. If you do not have the script scheduled to run, here is how you can do it.

      1. In Setup, go to Apex Classes then click Schedule Apex enter the following:

        1. Frequency - weekly

        2. Recurs - click all days

        3. Start  - when you want the scripts to start

        4. End - normally put a date of 50 years in the future

        5. Preferred Time - 5 am (after the regular Autorenew scripts have run)

    5. Click Save and your scripts are now ready to run every day.