Before enabling the Geo-Location View, you will need to make a few additional configurations to your Salesforce environment. By following the directions below, you will enable Salesforce to calculate Longitude and Latitude values for all valid addresses. 

If you do not see the Within drop-down option displaying, check the Chrome browser's location setting to ensure the permissions are set to Ask before Accessing, and the site is not blocked.

  1. Log in to your Salesforce environment and click the Setup hyperlink in the top-right corner.

  2. From Setup, in the Quick Find/Search bar, search and select Data Integration Rules.

  3. Click on the four Data Integration Rules listed below, and  the Activate button on each rule. GeoLocation will only work for the Address types above (Account Billing/Shipping, Contact Mailing, and Lead Address) with this configuration.

    1. Geocodes for Account Billing Address

    2. Geocodes for Account Shipping Address

    3. Geocodes for Contact Mailing Address

    4. Geocodes for Lead Address

After completing these steps, your environment will be successfully configured to fully optimize and utilize the Geo-Location View

Next Steps:

  1. Enabling Access Permissions for Directories

  2. Creating a Directory URL Field on a Directory Record