This feature allows staff users to send an email to customers with a PDF Proforma Invoice and a link to renew a Subscription a predefined number of days before the Subscription expires.

To enable automatic Proforma Invoicing for Subscription renewals:

  1. Navigate to the Subscription Plans tab.

  2. Click on a Subscription Plan. The Subscription Plan record will open.

  3. In the Invoicing and Auto-Renew Options  section, type the number of days prior to the Subscription expiration when you want the Proforma Invoice sent in the Invoice Days Variable field.

  4. In the Proforma Invoice Configurations section, check the Auto Send Proforma Invoice Emails checkbox. 

    1. If the user must authenticate during the renewal, then check the Proforma Invoice Authentication Required checkbox.

  5. Populate the remaining fields in the Proforma Invoice Configurations section. The Proforma Invoice Email From Address must be an email address pre-configured as an organization-wide address. This can be done by navigating to Setup, searching Organization Wide Addresses, adding the necessary email to the list, and verifying the email address.

Schedule an Apex Job

To ensure that the emails are sent successfully, schedule an Apex job:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Apex > and select the Apex Classes link in the results.

  2. Click Schedule Apex. The Apex Classes setup page will open.

  3. In Job Name type OrderAPIScheduler.

  4. In Apex Class select Scheduler.

  5. Select every day of the week that the email will be sent and select a Start and End Date for how long this scheduler is to be active. Best practices recommend setting the Start Date for the current day and setting the End Date far into the future.

  6. Set the Preferred Time of day the Scheduler will start. Best practices recommend a time early in the morning, e.g. 1:00 am.

  7. Click Save

  8. To run, navigate to the Fonteva Framework tab and then click Apps in the sidebar menu.

  9. Select the Charge tab and locate Run Schedule Jobs under Custom Scripts.

  10. Click Run. For efficiency, this task can also be accomplished by clicking Run Subscription Batchable Jobs (as opposed to Run Schedule Jobs) to only run jobs related to Subscriptions.

Automatic Proforma Invoicing for Subscription Renewals is now enabled.