In order to utilize Badges and Access Permissions in Directories, you will need to create a Directories Look Up relationship to the Access Permissions Object. If you do not set up the Look Up relationship, you will not see the ability to add Access Permissions to your Directory while in the Directory Builder.

  1. Click on the Setup hyperlink in the top-right corner of your screen. 

  2. From the Setup page, click the Object Manager. The Object Manager page will open.

  3. Type Access Permissions in the Quick Find search bar. The Access Permission object will generate in the Object Manager.

  4. Click the Access Permission object label. The Access Permission object page will open.

  5. From the Access Permissions page, select the Fields and Relationships section.

  6. Click the New button. The New Custom Field page will open.

  7. From Step 1, select Lookup Relationship and click the Next button to navigate to Step 2.

  8. From Step 2, in the Related To picklist, select Directories, and click the Next button to navigate to Step 3.

  9. From the New Relationship page, Step 3, type "Directories" as the Field Name and Label. The Field Name has to be Directories for it to work.

  10. Type the Description, and Help Text as desired in the corresponding fields. click the Next button. 

  11. From the New Relationship page, Step 4, check the Visible checkbox, to make visible to all Profiles. click the Next button. 

  12. From the New Relationship page, Step 5, click the Next button. 

  13. From the New Relationship page, Step 6, click the Save button. 

  14. Run Access Manager for the applicable profiles.

You have now made it possible to apply Access Permissions via Badges to your Directory. 

Next Steps:

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