The Disputes object lists all Fonteva Payments Dispute records. A Dispute record is created when a customer questions a charge with their issuing bank.

Use the Disputes object to review, respond to, and track your connected account’s dispute activity.

Tip. Leverage Salesforce automation to notify specific people every time a dispute has been created or updated. Refer to Salesforce’s Automate Your Business Processes pages for details.

The Dispute Record

The Details tab displays descriptive and financial information about the dispute.



1. Header

The record header displays the dispute amount and response date.

2. Status

The status of the dispute. See the Disputes page for more information.

3. Dispute Name

The unique name for the Dispute record.

4. Response Needed By

The date by which evidence must be submitted.

5. Disputed On

The date the Dispute record was created.

6. Description

The description of the dispute as noted in Stripe.

7. Charge

The unique name for the selected Charge record.

8. Fraud Reason

The reason the dispute was created as noted by the customer or auto-generated by Stripe.

9. Amount

The total amount being disputed.

10. Net Amount

The total amount plus any dispute fees.

The Related tab lists all evidence records associated with the dispute. In the Dispute Evidence section, select New to add Dispute Evidence records. For detailed information about adding evidence to Dispute records, refer to Managing Disputes .

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