You will be able to configure the general display settings for your Directory using the following:

  1. Display Name - The Directory name and text that will appear in the the Directory.

  2. Description - An optional description that will only be seen by staff users on the Salesforce record to quickly identify and describe a Directory.

  3. Banner Image - This Banner Image will appear at the top of your page on the following pages: Landing Page, Table List view, Enhanced List view, Tile List view, and Geo List view.

  4. Logo Image - This Logo Image will appear to the left of your Display Name and Search Bar on the following pages: Landing Page, Table List view, Enhanced List View, Tile List view, Geo List view, and Detail Page

    1. For Banner and Logo Images, this value can be a previously saved image file, exist in your Salesforce Media Library, or reference an Image URL (HTTPS req).

  5. Default View - This determines what your landing page view in the Front End of your Directory will be - Table, Enhanced List, Tile List, or GeoLocation view types. This view will default to Table View if no updates/changes are applied. Under the Data section of the Display tab, you will be able to add desired Filter Criteria to your Directory's results using the following:

  6. Object - The Object that will be defined in the Filter Criteria and Access Permisssions. This field is not editable once a Directory record has been created.

  7. Badge Types - Drag and drop text boxes that allow you to select the Badge that will be applied to your Filter Criteria.

  8. Filter Criteria - This is where you can narrow down your criteria by field values of the Filter Criteria Object

    If a field being referenced is a checkbox, the staff user must manually type True or False to define that Criteria (True = Checked, False = Not Checked).

    For example: I want my Contact Directory to only show Contact records affiliated with the Account, Fonteva. In the Builder, I would select my Object as Account, click on the Filter Criteria button and type in the following: Field, Operator, and Value: Field = Account Name, Operator = Contains, Value = Fonteva. When I open my Directory in the front end, I should only see Contact records affiliated with the Account - Fonteva. 

    Please be aware that there is a limit of 2,000 records that can be displayed within search results. Users can use the search and filter options to narrow down the results.

    Filter Criteria have the ability to handle AND and OR logic by using the Filter Condition field. This allows for multiple Filter Criteria to be applied to one Directory. In the example seen above, Fonteva has applied a Filter Criteria on their Directory where they would only like to display Accounts in their database that have an Account Type of Customer OR have a value greater than 1 listed in the Account's Employees field. This can be accomplished by setting the two conditions in the Filter Criteria fields (Field, Operator, Value), and then using the Filter Condition field to acknowledge that the results should be displayed if the Filter Criteria meets condition 1 OR condition 2. If the Filter Condition field is left blank, the Filter Criteria will default to AND logic.

Under the Visibility section of the Display tab you will be able to control whom has access to view your Directory via the Community  Portal using the following:

  1. Authenticated Users Only - When checked, your Directory will be blocked from Public view and only accessible by Community Users with a username and password.

  2. Enable Access Permissions - When checked, your Directory will not only be blocked from Public view, but will only be accessible by Users with the appropriate Badge(s) affiliated with their record (After checking this check box, the User must then click the Select  Badges button and drag and drop the desired Badge(s) into the right column). When the Enable Access Permissions checkbox is checked, Authenticated Users Only will always be checked.

  3. Select Badges - This button will open a modal that allows you to select the Badge type(s) that you would like to restrict Directory viewership to.