The System Admin must first install the Direct Debit- GoCardless package from Fonteva Product Updates in addition to the latest core MemberNation packages.

As of the 2019-R1 release, Fonteva supports GoCardless schemes for Australia and SEPA (France).

Direct Debits do not support multiple order payments.

Developed specifically for European customers, Direct Debits - GoCardless provides consumers with a UK bank account the option to check out and pay for recurring transactions via Direct Debit. When enabled, a customer may establish an agreement (mandate) to schedule regular payments to be directly withdrawn from a bank account.

Our integration with GoCardless represents a new and improved way of handling Direct Debits since all data transfers to and from the BACS provider (GoCardless) are automated securely over the web. Staff no longer need to spend time manually extracting, uploading, downloading, or importing files. Everything is also done in real-time, which improves efficiency.

The Direct Debit payment method may be used on any item or plan that is enabled for Direct Debit. The frequency of payments, amount, and duration are controlled by the Subscription Plan and Scheduled Payments.

How Fonteva¬© Direct Debits Works

To implement Fonteva Direct Debits, customers need to sign an agreement with GoCardless. This will allow the customer to create mandates (Direct Debits agreements with their members) and in turn take payments directly from their member's bank accounts. They will be able to relate those payments to Sales Orders.


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