Cancelling Direct Debit Mandates

In order to amend a mandate, the Direct Debit regulations require that you cancel your old mandate and set up a new one. Please refer to Managing Direct Debit Mandates from Staff View and Purchasing Items With Direct Debit In the Customer Portal for directions on deleting mandates.

Adjusting Payments

  • Once a Scheduled Payment has been created in GoCardless and an ePayment created in Fonteva, its Scheduled Date and Amount cannot be changed.

  • Since payments are only pushed into GoCardless 10 days prior to their due date, individual and bulk changes can be made to Sales Orders and Scheduled Payments that are above the 10 day limit.

  • Individual and bulk adjustments can be made to Scheduled Payments doing one of the following:

    • Create Payment in GoCardless - When there is no existing ePayment, this will create an ePayment and push the payment out to GoCardless.

    • Retry Payment in GoCardless- This will retry the payment in GoCardless a maximum of 3 times, if, for example, there was a failure because of insufficient funds.

    • Cancel Payment in GoCardless - This will push out a cancellation of the payment to GoCardless and cancel the ePayment.

The following table outlines the state of the various check boxes on the Scheduled Payment and ePayment objects when certain payment events happen. These can be used for reporting. 


Scheduled Payment Checkboxes

E-Payment Checkboxes

Is Direct Debit

Payment Created

Is Processed


Is Payment Processed

Has Errors

Is Cancelled

Custom Scheduled Payment







Has Errors


DD Scheduled/Created - Pending Submission






Payment Paid Out


Payment Failed

Message will be dependent on various scenarios - insufficient funds/invalid bank details/bank account closed/authorization disputed, etc.

Scheduled Payment Cancelled

N/A - No ePayment created yet because scheduled payment is cancelled prior to creation of ePayment

Mandate Cancelled

N/A - No ePayment created yet because scheduled payment is cancelled prior to creation of ePayment

3. ChargeBacks

We do not initiate chargebacks from within MemberNation, but if we receive a notification (in the form of a webhook call from GoCardless) that there has been a chargeback, we do the following:

  • The ePayment related to that payment will be marked as "Has Errors" and the Date of Failure field will be populated, and the message field on the ePayment will say "charged back".

  • The Scheduled Payment related to the ePayment will also be marked as "Has Errors".

  • The staff users will need to push the refund through manually on the Receipt for this transaction. We recommend that customers set up a workflow to automatically inform them of these events by email or subscribe to a report that would show these events.