A Default Shipping Rate allows customers to successfully complete a purchase if no Shipping Rate is defined. A Default Shipping Rate can be defined for each Shipping Carrier, with a maximum of one default Shipping Rate per Shipping Carrier.

Customers will see the Default Shipping Rate in the eStore checkout if:

  • The item being shipped has the Require Shipping checkbox checked and the Shipping Rate Basis is set to Item Weight. Item Weight is blank or has a value of 0.

  • The Total Weight or Item Value (item quantity) does not match an existing Shipping Rate.

  • The Shipping Address country is misspelled or does not match to an existing Shipping Rate, and there are no rates set up for the Default Shipping Region.

The only time a customer is prevented from making a purchase with shipping is if they have not entered a Shipping Address or if their shipping country is in a Will Not Ship Region.

Create a Default Shipping Rate: 

  1. Navigate to the Items tab and click the New button. The New Item modal will open.

  2. In the Information section, type a name for your Shipping Rate in the Item Name field.

  3. In the Item Class field, select the Shipping Carrier that the Shipping Rate will be associated with. 

    1. The new Shipping Rate inherits the GL Accounts of the associated Shipping Carrier (previously defined in the Item Class field). To override and link to an alternative account, select the GL account using the Income Account and Refund/Credit Account lookups.

  4. In the Item Price field type the cost of shipping applied to an item.

  5. In the Business Group field, select the Business Group that the Shipping Rate will be associated with.

  6. Check the Is Active checkbox.

  7. Optionally, in the Description and Images section, type a Display Name. The Display Name will appear on the eStore checkout screen and on the customer's Receipt. However, this will default to the Item Name if left blank.

  8. Scroll Down to the Shipping Rate section, and check the Is Shipping Rate checkbox.

  9. Check the Is Default Shipping Rate checkbox. When the Is Default Shipping Rate checkbox is checked, staff users cannot associate a Shipping Region with the Shipping Rate.

  10. In the Delivery Method field, select the Delivery Method that the Shipping Rate will be associated with.

  11. Click the Save button.