Credit Notes are a type of negative adjustment that can be applied to invoices for Contacts and Accounts. This is useful for quickly correcting an overcharge. A Credit Note document will be created whenever it is applied to an invoice and be available to view in the Orders and Company Orders menu items, the Order Summary Builder, and from the Credit Note record page.

  1. Navigate to the Invoice record the Credit Note will be applied to.

  2. Locate the Invoice Lines related list and click View All. The Invoice Lines page will open.

  3. Check the Invoice Line ID you want to apply the Credit Note to.

  4. Click the Create Credit Note action. A new Credit Note record page will open.

  5. Click the Invoice record number in the Invoice field to return to the Invoice record page. Keep the Credit Note record page open in a different tab. You will return to it later.

  6. Return to the Invoice Lines related list. A new Invoice Line for your Credit Note will display. It is marked as Is Adjustment.

  7. Click Edit to open the Edit Invoice Line modal.

  8. Type the negative value you want to apply in the Sales Price field.

  9. Click Save.

  10. Return to the Credit Note record page

  11. Double-click the Is Posted checkbox to make it editable.

  12. Check Is Posted and click Save.

  13. The Credit Note will be posted, and the Posted Date field will reflect the current date.

  14. To view the generated Credit Note PDF document, click the View Document action on the Credit Note record page to open a copy of the PDF in a new tab.