A Quantity Discount Price Rule will be active ONLY when the customer is purchasing the quantities specified in the Price Rule Criteria.

  1. Navigate to the Items tab and Select the Item that will receive discount pricing. The item's record page will open.

  2. From the item record, Click the New Price Rule action. The Price Rules wizard will open. The DEFAULT (list) price should already be listed.

  3. In the Name and Price fields, Enter a name and a price for the item.

  4. Check the Is Active checkbox.

  5. In the Price Rule Criteria section, Enter the minimum quantity of the item that must be purchased to qualify for the discount in the Min. Items Per Order field, and the maximum quantity of the item that can be purchased to qualify for the discount in the Max. Items Per Order field. If the customer MUST purchase a particular quantity, minimum and maximum values should be the same.

  6. Click Save. Customers purchasing fewer than the Min. Items Per Order or more than the Max. Items Per Order will not get the discount.