1. From the Source Codes tab, Click the New button. The New Source Code modal will open.

  2. In the Source Code field, Enter the desired source code. i.e. 15% off.

  3. In the Business Group field, Select the Business Group that the source code is associated with.

  4. Optionally, in the Channel picklist, Select the desired channel used to track Source Code-related transactions.

  5. Check the Active checkbox and Click Save.

  6. Navigate to the Items tab and Select the item that will receive discount pricing. 

  7. From the item's record page, Click the New Price Rule action. This will open the Price Rules wizard.

  8. In the Name and Price fields, Enter a name and a price for the item.

  9. Check the Is Active checkbox.

  10. From the Price Rule Criteria section, in the Source Code field, Enter the name of the Source Code previously created. Select the Source Code from the drop down menu. Multiple Source Codes can be added to this field.

  11. Click Save. This Price Rule will be applied when a customer enters the Source Code at checkout.