Staff users can set up installments directly on the customer’s rather than on the item itself. As a result, customers can pay for an item in installments on a case-by-case basis.

  1. Navigate to the Sales Order tab.

  2. Click New. The New Sales Order modal will open.

  3. Select the Account or Contact making the purchase using the lookup.

  4. Select the Entity. This will designate whether the Account or the Contact is responsible for payment.

  5. Select Invoice as the Posting Entity and Installment as the Schedule Type

  6. In the Schedule section, select Schedule Frequency.

  7. Type the Number of Installments.

  8. Type Schedule Start Date. The End Date will auto-populate based on the Schedule Frequency and Number of Installments.

  9. Click Save.

  10. Add items to the Sales Order through Rapid Order Entry or by creating Sales Order Lines. Please read the or for more information.

  11. Navigate back to the Sales Order record to review and, if necessary, amend the Invoice.

  12. Select Closed from the Status picklist.

  13. Click Save. The record must be saved between Closing and Posting a Sales Order in order for the invoices to be created. Additionally, the invoices can still be edited at this time without any Accounting impact up until the time it is Posted.

  14. Select Posted from the Posting Status picklist.

  15. Click Save. The related Transactions (journal entries) are entered into the General Ledger once the Invoice is posted for each installment. This process is automated for the purchase of with Subscription Plans with Installments enabled.