Organizations can also create custom Price Rules based on characteristics of the Contact or Account record. There is no limit on the number of custom rules that can be added, but keep in mind that ALL criteria in a specific rule must be true for the Price Rule to be applied (see Understanding How Price Rules Are Applied).

For example, an organization could provide a discount for all Customers/Contacts (Object) that reside in the state of Virginia. The organization could reference the Mailing State field (Field) on the Contact object and create a custom rule that offers a Fountain Pen at a discounted rate to all Contact records that have a Mailing State that equals (Operator) Virginia (Value).

There are four dependent parameters that must be defined for a custom rule. This list may change depending on the Field Type selected:

  • Object: The Contact or Account object that will be used as the basis for the rule.

  • Field: Depending on which Object was selected, the Field picklist will display every standard and custom field on that Object.

  • Operator: The Operator defines the logic that will be used to match the Value. The choices are: equals, not equal to, starts with, ends with, contains, does not contain.

  • Value: The Value field will change depending on the Field selection data type. For example, if the Field is a date, the Value field will change to a date field with a date picker.