Staff users can configure stand-alone pages to display Catalog(s) of items with custom links that can be sent to customers or posted on Community Portals.

Create a Campaign Page for Catalog Items:

  1. Navigate to the Campaign Pages tab and Click New. The New Campaign Page modal will open.

  2. From the Information section, type a name in the Campaign Name field.

  3. In the System field, select the Store you want to draw your Theme from. The selected Store's Theme will be applied to your Campaign Page.

  4. In the Page Configurations section, Check the Shopping Cart Enabled checkbox to link the campaign page to the Shopping Cart for the related Store.

  5. Type Title Tag, Footer Content, and Header Content in the related fields as desired.

  6. Click Save. The Campaign Page's record page will open.

Campaign Page Builder:

You'll use the Campaign Page Builder to build your Campaign Page.

  1. Click the Campaign Page Builder button. The Campaign Page Builder will open.

  2. A list of Page Elements are available for you to build your page from. Drag-and-drop the desired Component from the sidebar to the main body of the page. A Preview of your selected Page Element will open. If an error message appears in the Page Element Preview, ensure that the Catalog selected is not a Donation Catalog.

    1. Catalog Tile Display - Displays the Catalog items in a Large Tile view.

    2. Catalog Radio Display - Customers Click radio buttons to select items from the Catalog.

    3. Catalog Checkbox Display - Customers Check boxes to select items from the Catalog.

    4. Catalog Pricing Table Display - Catalog items display in a table format with prices up front.

    5. Catalog Select Display - Customers Select Catalog items from a dropdown list.

  3. Type a title for your Campaign Page in the Title field.

  4. Type any instructions in the Instructions field.

  5. Select the Catalog you want to display on your Campaign Page in the Catalog field.

  6. Configure the field labels in the left-side nav to customize the campaign page further. 

  7. Click Save. You will return to the previous page.

  8. Click Publish to publish your Campaign Page.

  9. Click the Go Back button to return to the Campaign Page record.

  10. On the page record, Check the Is Published field to make the page available.

  11. Navigate to the new page by Clicking the Community URL link in the Links section. A link will be generated for each published site. However, it is at the staff's discretion which links are customer-facing.