Once Shipping Rates have been created, identify the eStore items that will require shipping.

  1. Navigate to the Items tab and select the item that will require shipping. The item's record will open to the Details page.

  2. From the Item record, click the Edit button. The Edit Item modal will open.

  3. In the Information section, check the Is Active checkbox.

  4. From the Item Attributes section, check the Require Shipping checkbox.

  5. Select the Item Weight Unit Of Measurement from the Item Weight UOM picklist field. 

    1. If the Shipping Rate Basis (set on the Business Group record) is set to Item Weight, not identifying the Item Weight UOM will result in incorrect Shipping Rates displayed to customers. Leave Item Weight UOM blank if the Shipping Rate Basis is Item Value.

  6. Type the item's weight value in the Item Weight field. 

    1. If the Shipping Rate Basis (set on the Business Group record) is set to Item Value, then only the Item Price is required.

  7. Click the Save button.

Shipping has now been enabled on the selected item.

If the Shipping Rate Basis is set to Item Value, staff users can still charge shipping on a $0.00 (free) item by:

  • Checking the Require Shipping checkbox on the Item record

  • Typing 0 as the Minimum Value on the Shipping Rate Item record.

If the Shipping Rate Basis is set to Item Weight and the same Item Weight UOM  is being used across all Items requiring shipping, staff users can set a default value in the picklist via:

  • Setup > Create > Objects > Item > Item Weight UOM > Picklist Values related list > Click Edit on the preferred unit > Check the Default checkbox >Save.