The Item Class establishes the attributes for a set of Items that are associated with the Item Class. Items represent any good or service that is available for purchase. All Items within an Item Class will inherit the Item Class's attributes. 

Examples of Item Classes:

  • Merchandise

  • Memberships/Subscriptions

  • Funds

  • Tax Classes

  • Shipping Carriers

Item Classes have a one-to-many relationship with items, meaning that multiple Items can be associated with an Item Class. This allows those items to grouped together and inherit the attributes of the associated Item class. Just as there are many types of Item Classes, there are many types of Items that can be created that can be associated with an Item Class. For example;

  • Merchandise Item Class contains Items for sale such as a T-Shirt, Hat, Pen, etc.

  • Tax Item Class will contain Items such as VA Tax, MD Tax, DC Tax, etc.

  • Shipping Carrier (UPS) Item Class contains Items such Ground Shipping, Two Day Shipping, Overnight Shipping, etc.

Create an Item Class:

Item Classes group and set options for items at the class level. All items must have an Item Class. The system automatically creates Item Classes for Event ticket types, Schedule Items, and Sponsors, if enabled on the Event record.

  1. Navigate to the Item Classes tab and Click the New button. The New Item Class modal will open.

  2. In the Information section, type a name of the Item Class in the Name field.

  3. In the Business Group field, Select the Business Group that the Item Class will be connected to.

  4. Check the Is Active checkbox. See the section below on Understanding the "Is Active" Feature for more information on this field.

  5. Type the description for the Item Class in the Description field.

  6. In the Item Class Attributes section, Check any relevant Item Class attributes.

  7. Click Save.

Understanding the "Is Active" Feature

The Is Active feature is most useful when using it to activate all the items associated with an Item Class all at once. Making an item "Active" essentially allows the item to be viewed and purchased in the Store. Once Items have been added to the Item Class, you can Check the Is Active checkbox and all the Items will have the Is Active Checked. This can be seen in the Items related list. If checked before an item is added via the related list on the Item Class, the item WILL NOT inherit the Is Active attribute. This is done intentionally because you might not be ready to activate the item right away. In the case of a Subscription Item, it cannot be activated unless a Subscription Plan is associated with the Item.