An Item is any good or service available for sale. Items can be:

  • Digital (eBooks, apps)

  • Contributions

  • Inventory

  • Subscriptions and Memberships

Items are also automatically created once any Ticket Type, Schedule Item, or Sponsor Package is created for an event, sharing a 1:1 relationship. Through the item record, System Admins and staff users can configure the fields related to the item's Shipping Rate, Tax/Vat Options, Assignment Options, Price Rules, and Access Permissions.

 An Item Class must be created before creating an Item.

Create an Item:

  1. Navigate to the Items tab and Click the New button. The New Item modal will open.In the Information section, type a name of the item in the Name field.

  2. In the Item Class field, Select the Item Class that the Item will be related to.

  3. In the Item Price field, type the item's price.

  4. In the Business Group field, Select the Business Group that the Store will be connected to.

  5. Check Is Active checkbox.

  6. Check the Enable Access Permissions checkbox to implement tiered pricing.

  7. In the Description and Images section, provide the Image URL, Display Name, and Line Description in order for the fields to display on campaign pages and in the Shopping Cart.

  8. Provide a description in the eStore Description field. This description will display on the item's Detail Page in the Store.

  9. Optional: In the Item Attributes section, provide an inventory alert message in the Inventory Message field to display on the item's Detail Page under the quantity selector (Example: Only Three Left!)

  10. Optional: Check the Add to Cart Button and Button Label Override boxes to redirect the user to a custom flow instead of the Fonteva defined user flow for item purchase.

  11. Click Save. A new item is created and available for sale via the eStore.