1. Select the Events app and click the Events tab.
  2. From the Events tab page, click the New button.


    This can also be done from the Events related list on the Event Category record.

  3. From the New Event wizard, select the Create event from scratch radio button.
    1. Optionally, you can select to clone an existing event. See Clone an Event page for more information.
  4. In the Event Name text box, type the Event Name
  5. From the Registration Style picklist, select Lightning Event.
  6. From the Event Category picklist, select the Event Category. See Event Categories page for more information.
  7. Click Save & Continue.
  8. The Event Builder will open for you to set up your event.

Next Steps

  1. Event Builder
    1. Event Info
    2. Ticket Types
    3. Venues
    4. Access Permissions (Event)
    5. Speakers
    6. Agenda
    7. Sponsor Packages
    8. Sponsors
    9. Statuses
    10. Pages
    11. Theme (Event)
    12. Community Settings