Item Classes group and set options for Items at the class level. All Items must have an Item Class. An Item Class must be created before an item, as an item has to be associated with an Item Class in the system. See Creating an Item Class and Creating an Item for more information. When creating a Subscription, a specific Subscription Item Class must be created. Subscription Item Classes can hold an infinite number of plans to offer Subscriptions.

Item Class Review:

The Item Class establishes the attributes for a set of Items that are associated with the Item Class. Items represent any good or service that is available for purchase. All Items within an Item Class will inherit the Item Class's attributes. 

Examples of Item Classes:

  • Merchandise

  • Memberships/Subscriptions

  • Funds

  • Tax Classes

  • Shipping Carriers

Subscription Item Class:

An  Item Class  can be created for various different categories as listed above. Therefore, the Item Class record displays fields to configure all of these different types of Item Classes. For subscriptions, you will only need to populate the specific fields associated with a Subscription Item Class.

How to Create an Item Class for Subscriptions:

  1. From the Item Classes tab, click New. The New Item Class modal will open.

  2. In the Information section, enter a name of the Item Class in the Name field.

  3. Do not check the Is Active field until you have a subscription associated with the Subscription Plan that you are ready to make active.

  4. In the Business Group field, select the Business Group that the Item Class will be connected to.

  5. In the Description text box, enter the description for the Item Class.

  6. In the Item Class Attributes section, check the Is Subscription checkbox.

  7. Optionally, scroll down to the Deferred Revenue section to configure Deferred Revenue for the Subscription Item class if desired. For more information on Deferred Revenue, see the Setting up Deferred Revenue page. 

  8. Click Save.

Proceed to the next step in the Subscription Workflow process. For more detailed information see the Subscriptions page.

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