In the system, one Store is permitted for every Community Portal. Stores are fundamental for event registration, renewing subscriptions, and paying invoices in the Community Portal. Staff users can also configure payment information, catalogs and catalog items, and guest checkout settings. 

Before creating a Store, make sure you have a Business Group and a Payment Gateway set up.

  1. Navigate to the Stores tab and Click the New button. The New Store modal will open.

  2. In the Information section, Enter a name in the Store Name field.

  3. In the Business Group field, Select the Business Group that the Store will be connected to.

  4. In the Payment section, locate the Payment Gateway field and Select the default Payment Gateway for the Store.

  5. Optional: Check Enable Guest Save Payment checkbox.

  6. Optional: Check the Enable Invoice Payment Option checkbox to allow registrants to invoice themselves in the Store. This can only be checked if Enable Proforma Invoice Payment Option checkbox is unchecked.

  7. Optional: Check the Enable Proforma Invoice Payment Option checkbox to allow users checking out through the portal to send a proforma invoice email.

  8. Optional: Check Enable Partial Payments for Invoices to allow users to apply a partial payment to invoices instead of requiring full payment.

  9. In the Guest Checkout section, Check the Enable Guest Checkout checkbox. Enabling Guest Checkout allows an unauthenticated portal user to process transactions without creating a new user account. By default it is unchecked. See the Configuring Guest Checkout page for additional information.

  10. In the Community Listing Configurations section, Check Enable Large Tile View, Enable Enhanced List View, and/or Enable Small Tile View to enable these views for the Store.

  11. In the eStore Sort Fields field, Enter comma separated Item field API titles to use as sort options in the Store.

  12. Optional: Check Enable Tax Inclusive Pricing to automatically include the tax rate as a part of item pricing in the Store. For more information on Tax Inclusive Pricing, please read the Tax Inclusive Pricing page for more direction on using this feature.

  13. In the Additional Options section, Select the Default Checkout option (Guest Checkout or Account Login) from the picklist.

    • Guest Checkout - Customers will view the Checkout as Guest page as the first option during checkout. Guest Checkout is the default value when the Enable Guest Checkout field is checked. The Create an account checkbox and Create Password text field will display only if Self-Registration is enabled for the community.

    • Account Login - Customers are asked to log in to their account as the first option during checkout. Account Login is the default value if the Enable Guest Checkout field is not checked.

  14. Enter a Payment Confirmation Message to display to users after successfully processing payment on the Checkout page. 

  15. Click Save.