The Shipping Region is defined using country names—not states, provinces, cities, or postal codes. When an order contains items that require shipping, customers must enter a shipping address in checkout. The Shipping Rates displayed to customers are determined by the Shipping Country (Shipping Region), the Business Group's Shipping Rate Basis (Item Weight or Value), and the total item quantity.

Create a Shipping Region:

  1. Navigate to the Shipping Regions tab and click the New button. The New Shipping Region modal will open.

  2. Type the Shipping Region Name. It will appear in the Shipping Rates lookup.

  3. Optionally, provide a Display Name.

  4. In the Address Field Values (CSV) field, type the countries that will make up the Shipping Region. Include any common abbreviations for country names. For example, customers may enter "USA", "US", or "United States" for the shipping country. Country names are not case sensitive.

  5. Click Save.

Once the Shipping Region is created, it can be applied to a desired Shipping Rate. 

You will also want to look into creating a Default Shipping Region and a Will Not Ship Region.