Shipping Rates display in the checkout screen when a customer selects an item that requires shipping. The Shipping Rate is calculated based upon:

Users can set up multiple Shipping Rates or define a single Flat Rate per item or order. 

Create a Shipping Rate:

  1. Navigate to the Items tab and click the New button. The New Item modal will open.

  2. In the Information section, next to the Item Name field, type a name for your Shipping Rate.

  3. In the Item Class field, select the Shipping Carrier that the Shipping Rate will be associated with. 

  4. The new Shipping Rate inherits the GL Accounts of the associated Shipping Carrier (previously defined in the Item Class field). To override and link to an alternative account, select the GL Account using the Income Account and Refund/Credit Account lookups.

  5. In the Item Price field, type the cost of shipping applied to an item.

  6. In the Business Group field, select the Business Group that the Shipping Rate will be associated with.

  7. Check the Is Active checkbox.

  8. Optionally, in the Description and Images section, type a Display Name. The Display Name will appear on the Store checkout screen and on the customer's receipt. However, this will default to the Item Name if left blank.

  9. In the Item Attributes section, in the Item Weight UOM picklist, select your desired Unit of Measurement if using Weight as the Business Group's Shipping Rate Basis.

    1. This is required if your Business Group's Shipping Rate Basis is Item Weight. Admins are not required to use the same units for Items and Shipping Rates. i.e. the Shipping Rate might be pounds and the Item Weight in ounces. A conversion will occur on the backend that will apply the correct rate at checkout.

  10. Scroll Down to the Shipping Rate section, and check the Is Shipping Rate checkbox.

  11. In the Shipping Region field, select the Shipping Region that the Shipping Rate will be associated with.

  12. In the Delivery Method field, select the Delivery Method that the Shipping Rate  will be associated with.

  13. In the Minimum Weight/Maximum Weight or Minimum Value/Maximum Value fields, type a min/max weight OR min/max value. The values typed in these fields will be determined by your previously defined Shipping Rate Basis (Item Weight or Item Value) set on the Business Group record.

  14. Click the Save button.