In order to use Shipping in your environment, you must create at least one Shipping Carrier and associated Delivery Method. 

Shipping Carriers refer to the vendors responsible for delivering customer orders, such as:

  • US Postal Service

  • UPS

  • FedEx

Delivery Method is the delivery option from that carrier. Examples include:

  • Overnight Air

  • Express 2-3 Day Ground

  • Standard 5-7 Day Ground


The associated Business Group record must have the following:

  • GL Account must be created for Shipping.

  • Decide how you would like customers to see Shipping Rate pricing at Checkout. 

  • Shipping Rate Basis (Item Weight or Item Value) must be selectedThe default Shipping Rate Basis will always be Item Weight.

    Be aware: By checking the Enable Shipping by Order Total checkbox, customers will see a single shipping rate for the entire order at Checkout. If unchecked, customers will see shipping rates for each unique Item in their order.

Create a Shipping Carrier: 

  1. Navigate to the Item Classes tab and click the New button. The New Item Class modal will open.

  2. In the Information section, type the desired name of the Shipping Carrier (i.e. FedEx) in the Name field.

  3. In the Business Group field, select the Business Group that the Shipping Carrier will be connected to.

  4. Check the Is Active checkbox.

  5. Optionally, in the Description field, type a description for the Shipping Class.

  6. From the Shipping Carrier Configuration section, check the Is Shipping Carrier checkbox. This checkbox is what defines your Item Class as a Shipping Carrier. 

  7. In the Shipping GL Account field, select the GL Account that the Shipping Carrier will be associated with. 

    1. All Shipping Rate Items created associated with the Shipping Carrier will inherit the related Shipping GL Account. However, Admins can override the inheritance by selecting an alternative GL Account on the Shipping Rate item.

  8. Click the Save button.

Create a Delivery Method:

  1. From the Item Classes tab, select the desired Item Class (Shipping Carrier). The Item Class record will open.

  2. Click Related to access the record's related lists and Scroll Down to the Delivery Methods related list. 

  3. Click the New button. The New Delivery Method modal will open.

  4. Type the Delivery Method Name.

  5. Click the Save button. 

Each Shipping Carrier can have multiple Delivery Methods, i.e. FedEx may have both “Overnight Air” and “Express 2-3 Day Ground" as delivery options.