Price Rules can be created on an Item Class or an Item. If created on the Item Class, the Price Rule will automatically be applied to any item within that Item Class created AFTER the Price Rule is created.

There is no limit to the number of Price Rules that can be created on an item. However, the list price should always be the highest assigned price.

Price Rules have two kinds of parameters:

  • Usage Limits - this specifies how many times the rule may be used.

  • Price Rule Criteria - this defines the conditions that must be met in order for the customer to receive the discounted price.

Create a Price Rule:

  1. Navigate to the Items tab and Select the item that will receive discount pricing. The item's record will open.

  2. Click the New Price Rule action. The Price Rule Wizard will open. The default (list) price should already be listed.

  3. Click Save & New to create a new Price Rule. Otherwise, you will be modifying the list price, which is selected by default. Fonteva strongly recommends you do not change the Default Price Rule and leave it untouched. Adding criteria to or editing the Default Price Rule can cause problems using Price Rules for the item in question.

  4. In the Name and Price fields, Enter a name and a price.

  5. Check the Is Active checkbox.

  6. Optional: Check the Is Promotional Price checkbox if this price will be shown in the eStore as the promotional price with the Price Rule name.

  7. In the Usage Limits section, assign values to the desired limit fields: Total Limit for All Orders, Limit Per Account, and/or Limit Per Contact. These fields control the number of times a Price Rule can be used for a single item. By leaving the Usage Limits fields blank, you will allow unlimited usage (within any additional conditions defined in the Price Rule Criteria). Usage Limits can be used together. For example, to limit a discount to the “first 100 customers,” set the Total Limit for All Orders to 100 and the Limit Per Contact to 1.

    1. Total Limit for All Orders: Limits the number of times the Price Rule can be used (For example, if the limit is set to 100, the Price Rule will no longer be available after 100 uses.)

    2. Limit Per Account: Limits the number of times the Price Rule can be used by each Account and/or the Account’s Contacts. Every time this Price Rule is used by a Contact on the Account OR in a purchase where the entity is the Account itself, that purchase will count against the limit. If the limit is set to 100, every Account in the system will be allowed to use the price rule 100 times. When this Price Rule is used by a Contact associated with an Account OR in a purchase where the entity is the Account itself, that purchase WILL count against the limit.

    3. Limit Per Contact: Limits the number of times each Contact can use a Price Rule (For example, if the limit is set to 1, every Contact in the system can use the Price Rule once.)

  8. In the Price Rule Criteria section, the following fields can be defined if desired: Start Date, End Date, Min. Items Per OrderMax. Items Per Order, Source Code, and Customer Badge Type:

    • Start and End Date: Used for time-limited or time-bound discounts, such as early-bird pricing or seasonal sale pricing.

    • Min. and Max. Items Per Order: Used for quantity discounts 

    • Source Code: Used for discount codes

    • Customer Badge Type: Used for member or loyalty discounts

    • Subscription Plans: Used payment plan discounts for subscriptions (only available for Subscription Items). A Subscription Plans field is available for Subscription Item Price Rules.

  9. Click Save.