Lifetime Subscription Plan will have a term of 100 years beginning on the purchase date. This type of Subscription model gives the customer a lifetime membership (100 years) when purchasing this Subscription. 

A Lifetime Subscription Plan CANNOT be set up for the Auto Renew Option.  Also, Deferred Revenue must be DISABLED on the Subscription Item for Lifetime Subscriptions. If the Schedule Type is set to Automatic Payment, then the Subscription Plan must be Lifetime.

Create a Lifetime Subscription Plan:

  1. Navigate to the Subscription Plans tab and click the New button. The New Subscription Plan modal will open.

  2. In the Information section, enter a name for the Subscription Plan in the Subscription Plan Name field.

  3. Click the Type picklist and select Lifetime as the Subscription Plan type.

  4. Check the Is Active checkbox.

  5. Optionally, scroll down to the Additional Information section, in the Description field enter a description for the Lifetime Subscription Plan.

  6. Click Save.