You can create a Child Catalog for a Parent catalog. When users open the Parent Catalog, the Child Catalog will be available along with the items within the Parent Catalog. Child Catalogs can help you further organize the items in the Parent Catalog and create different sections of items to purchase.

  1. From the Catalog record, Click Related to access the Catalog's related lists and locate the Child Catalogs related list.

  2. Click New on the Child Catalogs related lists. The New Catalog modal will open.

  3. Enter a name for the Child Catalog in the Catalog Name field.

  4. The Parent Catalog field will automatically be filled with the Catalog you are creating the Child Catalog from.

  5. Enter any desired filters in the Catalog filters field. These filters will display on the left-hand side of the page for the Catalog selected. Only the following filter fields are supported: Number, Currency, Date, Picklist, Multi-Select Picklist, Percentage, and Checkbox.

  6. Check the Is Published checkbox.

  7. Check Display Featured Items to ensure all featured items within this Catalog and any Child Catalogs display at the top of the page in the Store.

  8. Enter a JPG URL into the Placeholder Image field to add an image to display if the item does not have its own image.

  9. If desired, Enter a description for the Catalog in the Description field in the Additional Information section.

  10. When finished, Click Save. The Child Catalog is created and added to the Store in the Community Portal. The Catalog will not have any items to display until they are added to the catalog.