Calendar Subscription Plans have a defined Start and End Date. This type of subscription model gives the customer a membership for the duration from when they purchased the subscription to the End Date. In order to continue with their membership, the customer will have to purchase another membership once their End Date is up. Calendar Subscription Plans can also use proration rules to reduce the purchase price for mid-term purchases.

Create a Calendar Subscription Plan:

  1. Navigate to the Subscription Plans tab and click the New button. The New Subscription Plan modal will open.

  2. In the Information section, type a name for the Subscription Plan in the Subscription Plan Name text box.

  3. From the Type picklist, select Calendar as the Subscription Plan type.

  4. Check the Is Active checkbox.

  5. In the Term and Calendar Options section, select the corresponding End Day and Month for your calendar subscription plan in the Calendar End Day and Calendar End Month picklists. These fields are required when creating a Calendar Subscription Plan.

    1. If the Calendar End Day is not specified, the last day of the month is used by default. If a day is selected that does not exist for the selected End Month (Example: '31' for 'February'), then the End Day that appears within the Subscription record will fall in the next month (Example: The End Date would be 'March 3' since the system is counting 31 days after February 1st).

  6. Optionally, in the Proration section, select Enable Proration and configure the Proration Rule field. Proration allows for the distribution of the purchase price over a set time period.

  7. Scroll down to the Additional Information section, in the Description field type a description for the Subscription Plan.

  8. Click Save.

A Calendar Subscription Plan is created.