Users can create ad hoc payments for a batch.

  1. Navigate to the Batches tab.
  2. Click the New action. The New Batch window will open.

  3. In the Information section enter a name in the Batch Name field.
  4. In the Controls section, enter the desired expected number of entries for the batch in the Expected Count field.
  5. For the Expected Amount field, enter the desired expected sum amount of the entries for the batch.
  6. If the Payment Gateway field is blank, click the lookup button and select a gateway option. 


    The Payment Gateway will be blank if a default payment gateway on the Preferences page of the Framework application has not been selected.

  7. Enter any additional information in the other fields and click the Save button to create the batch. 

After saving the new batch

  • The Opened Date will default to today's date.
  • The Deposit Account field auto-populates with the GL account related to the Deposit account for the batch.
  • The Business Group is linked to the related business group from the batch inherited from the logged in user's assigned business group.
  • The Default Entity and Payment Type fields auto-populate with the default configurations from the receipt.