A Badge Type defines the various attributes of a Badge record. A Badge is a record that will be created when a Badge Type is assigned to an Account or Contact.

Staff users can optionally define a numerical score for Badges that accumulate on the Account or Contact record via Engagement Score. Engagement Scores can be used to encourage and track member engagement and/or allow for tiered pricing.

Create a Badge Type:

  1. Navigate to the Badge Types tab and click the New button. The New Badge Type modal will open.

  2. In the Information section, type a name in the Badge Name field. 

  3. Check the Is Active and Is Published checkboxes in order for the Badge Type to be available for assignment and displayed on the user's Profile page in the Community Portal.

  4. Check the Enable Badge Flow-Down checkbox if desired. If the Badge is assigned to an Account, this option ensures that all Contacts, Child Accounts, and Child Account’s Contacts connected to that Account will inherit the Badge and its associated benefits. This feature is limited to only one level of Child Accounts. 

  5. In the Short Description field, type a short description of the Badge Type. The Short Description is used on reports and provides context to end users looking at a list of Contacts assigned to various badges.

  6. Optionally, in the Engagement Score field, type an Engagement Score number that will be assigned to the Badge Type.

  7. In the Image section, in the Image Location field, type a URL. The Image Location field is used to distinguish a Badge Type by providing a URL to a securely hosted image to be used as the Badge Type image. It is generally recommended to use a URL from your Media Collection, however, a URL to an image on any secure site (https://) can be used.

  8. In the Icon section, in the Icon Location field type a URL. The Icon Location field is used to distinguish a Badge Type from other Badge Types in the system.

  9. In the Additional Information section, in the Description field, type a description of the Badge Type. This content will only be displayed on the back end of your system. 

  10. In the Public Description field, type a description of the Badge Type. This content will be displayed in the Badges tab on the Profile page of the Community  Portal.

  11. Click the Save button.

The newly created Badge Type is available for assignment to an Account or Contact. This Badge Type is now ready for a Badge Workflow or some Access Permissions. You could also configure a Badge Flowdownor determine how to Display Badges in the Community Portal.