Staff users can create and process Sales Orders using Rapid Order Entry (ROE).

  1. Navigate to an Account or Contact record from the Account or Contact tabs.

  2. Click the Rapid Order Entry quick action. The Rapid Order Entry page will open.

  3. The Account or Contact you accessed Rapid Order Entry from will populate the Customer (Entity) field by default. If desired, you can clear out the Customer (Entity) field and provide a new Account or Contact to make the purchase.

    1. If you accessed Rapid Order Entry from an Account record, the Account will populate the Customer (Entity) field and a Contact field will generate populated with the Account’s Primary Contact by default.

  4. Use the Item Quick Add field to search for and select an Item to add to the order.

  5. Once an item is selected, type the Quantity.

  6. Click Add to Order to add the Item to the order.

  7. You have the option to Override the price for Merchandise and Event Ticket Items in your order. Open the Item order and check the Override field. You will be Overriding the Price Rule for the individual Item. Enter your new price in the New Price field that appears. The order price will adjust.

  8. If you wish to apply a discount code, enter it in the Discount Code field and click Apply.

  9. Select Process Payment under Items and Click Go to create the order.

If your order has taxes and/or shipping, you will first navigate to the Shipping and Tax page. After configuring your shipping and taxes, you will proceed to the Apply Payment page. If your order has no shipping and/or tax, you will navigate directly to the Apply Payment page to complete the order.

You can find complete directions for applying payment on theApply Payment page.