Create Group:

You can create a new Group from the Groups page at any time.

  1. Click New in the upper right-hand corner of the Groups page. The New Group modal will open.

  2. Type a Name for the group.

  3. Type a Description.

  4. Type more detailed information in the Information rich-text field.

  5. You will automatically be entered as the Group owner in the Owner field. Feel free to remove yourself from this field and type another Contact as the Owner.

  6. Optionally, check Disable automatic archiving if desired.

  7. Select an Access type.

    1. Public: This Group is publicly available for registered portal users to access and join.

    2. Private: This Group is only available to its members but shows up in search. Non-members can ask to join.

    3. Unlisted: This Group does not show up in search and is only accessible to its members.

  8. Click Save and Next.

  9. Click Upload Image to select an image to apply to your Group.

  10. Click Next.

  11. Type Contact names in the Search People field to generate Contacts to add as Members.

  12. Click + Add to add a Contact as a member of your Group.

  13. Click Done to complete Group creation. Your new Group's page will open.

Edit Group:

  1. Click the arrow in your Group's row on the Groups page and select Edit Group. The Edit Group modal will open.

  2. From the Edit Group modal, modify the available fields and click Save.

  3. A confirmation message will generate.