Free Events are events that have been designated as having no price. Guests still register for these events and can be invited to them, but no Sales Order gets created since the event is free.

Create a Free Event in the Event Builder

Creating a Free Event is really easy. You will locate the Free Event checkbox in the Event Info tab under the Optional Event Types section. Check this box to designate your event as free.

When you check the Free Event checkbox, a number of small changes occur in a number of areas in the Event Builder:


The Accounting and Alternate Pricing tabs will be hidden in the Ticket Type window, as well as the Price field. This is because the event is free and does not require any financial information or configuration.

In addition, the Manage Additional Items and Price Rule menu items will also be hidden. Since the event is free, there are no Price Rules that need to be configured and no Additional Items to be purchased.


The Accounting Tab and Price field are also hidden in the Schedule Items modal to ensure any Sessions are free for the event. Again, the Manage Additional Items and Price Rule menu items are hidden as well.

If any of the above items were configured before checking Free Event, they will be ignored.