As of the 20Spring release, the Invoice object is merged with the Sales Order object, and Invoices get created by converting a Sales Order to an Invoice. Originally, Invoices were a separate object from Sales Orders. Refer to the Order Enhancements Changes Overview document in the 20Spring Release Notes for a review of the changes from merging Invoices with Sale Orders. Refer to the Pre- Fonteva 20Spring Release Invoices documentation for direction on using the legacy Invoices object.

To convert a Sales Order to an Invoice, select the Convert To Invoice action on the Sales Order’s record page.

The Sales Order’s Posting Entity will update to Invoice, defining the Sales Order as an Invoice.

This conversion occurs automatically when Invoice is the selected payment method in the Store or Rapid Order Entry.

Note: Sales Orders will also convert to Invoices when a partial payment is applied. This includes Subscriptions with Installment Schedules and Scheduled Automatic Payments since the order is broken into multiple partial payments across a period of time.

You can learn more about Invoice Sales Orders and the actions you can apply to them under Invoice-Type Sales Orders (Invoices).