Contact Matching for Attendees is a configurable link between a Contact record and their associated Attendee record. In addition to matching an existing Contact to their Attendee record upon registering for an event, this feature includes optional Contact creation for new Attendees. Attendee Contact Matching can be configured differently for each individual event.

Configure Attendee Contact Matching on Events

  1. In Event Builder, from the left-side navigation, select the Event Info.
  2. From the Event Info tab, scroll down and check Enable Contact Search to allow the primary registrant to search for other Contacts associated with their Account in the system.
  3. Check Search All Contacts to allow the primary registrant to search all Contacts in the system regardless of their associated Account. Privacy settings for this can be configured separately on the Account and Contact objects.
  4. Check Create Contacts for Attendees to allow the primary registrant to create new Contact records when registering additional attendees.


    If Enable Contact Restriction is checked, the associated Attendee record will have the Contact lookup field populated and will also have the Create Contacts for Attendees field checked by default.


    If you only select Create Contacts for Attendees and leave Search All Contacts and Enable Contact Search unchecked, alternate Attendees can be positioned without existing or new Contact records.

  5. Optionally, define fields for Contact Search Result Fields CSV field, which will be displayed when the primary registrant searches for Contacts.


    This is done by adding the API names for any Contact fields, separated by commas. This is found by going to Setup>Build>Customize>Contacts>Fields.

  6. When finished, click Save & Exit button to save the Event changes and close the Event Builder.


If Account Matching for Event Attendees is not configured, the Account created will follow the rules defined by the New Contact Parent Account Rule (a bucket Guest Checkout Account) on the Store record.